Invaders Must Die

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About Hackron

News #HACKRON ``X`` 17 February 2023

Hackron is held every year on the island of Tenerife, in its capital Santa Cruz, the concept is to learn through lectures, workshops, tables where everyone is welcome and can share doubts new techniques, in addition to participating in CTF's and activities that we organize every year in the Adán Martín Auditorium.

To attend, registration tickets are available that will go on sale weeks before the event, You can attend in person on the day of the event., but we cannot guarantee a place since the capacity is usually occupied by an average of 90-95%.

The CTF this year will be in attack defense mode, being a premise in #Spain, so we advise you to investigate this modality before registering, of course this first edition will be focused on a basic level so you will learn this fun and at the same time complex modality.

there will be prizes $$$

We recommend you join Telegram to expand this information.

In the X edition, we will have an escape room for all audiences, symbolic prizes, Unique experiences.

In the same venue as the event, go directly to the escape room, solo, or accompanied, we take care of the rest.