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invaders must die


<a href="https://www.eventbrite.es/e/entradas-hackron-x-17-febrero-2023-466810070487">CONSULT</a> of professionals working
Cryptologist Specialist. Master in Systems Management and Information and Communication Technologies.
Responsible within the CCN-CERT for the management of cybersecurity services, the development of the training plan and STIC courses for security specialist personnel, the elaboration of the CCN-STIC regulations (policies, procedures, guides, good practices and security abstracts), supervision of the adequacy and implementation of security in the entities and the performance of ICT security audits and inspections. has more than 20 years of experience in all these activities.
¡Hola! I'm Luis Ocana, professional and speaker specializing in corporate communications networks and unified communications, I always try to put a point of good humor without forgetting the attention to detail. I finish what I start for more than 30 years of professional dedication to this seductive profession of information and communication technologies.
What I do? explore the limits of technology in order to develop new business opportunities, let's give a couple of examples.
Year 2000, Canal Metro de Madrid needs to broadcast content inside Metro cars, the key innovation was to use Wireless LAN for these broadband transmissions between train and ground.
Year 2012, unified communications platform for the Commission for the Reform of Public Administrations (CORA), where different Ministries and Organizations receive UC Services in the style of the current cloud.
Salvador Sánchez is Global VP of Business Development at Open Cloud Factory. Salvador has a track record of more than 25 years in the IT sector and more than 10 years in the world of cybersecurity, having been an important part of companies like Microsoft, Sophos, Panda o ElevenPaths. After having been an active part of the implementation of at the forefront of innovation in the IT world such as Big Data , Cloud Computing, Mobility or Digital Transformation, Salvador is a key reference point for both customers and partners within the Open Cloud Factory.
"A lawyer, Master in Computer Law, PhD in Constitutional Law from UCM, and doctoral student in progress. book author "State Security and Privacy". Coord. book "Legal aspects of cybersecurity". Premio CONFILEGAL 2018 category "LegalTech". Award (shared) "Good practices" AEPD 2019 - Award "Best Digital Lawyer" ENATIC 2021 - President of the Internet Users Association - Member of the Digital Rights Expert Group MINECO - Coord. activities in New Law Observatory & LegalTech Garrigues - ICADE - Patron at Fundación España Digital - Member of the Scientific Committee of the magazine TELOS, Telefonica Foundation - Graduate Professor at U. Pontifical Comillas ICADE - ICAI - Associate Professor at URJC I - Temporary professor at IE, U. San Pablo CEU, ICAM and ISDE, among others - Regular collaborator of public and private entities whose objective is to raise awareness about the good use of technologies, as Friendly Screens".

Cafeteria Auditorium (limited capacity)

Student Recommendations: (Cafeteria in the Nave de Montesano, across the auditorium parking lot) a 50 meters or area suitable for outdoor snacks.

Alternative Asian Restaurant (maritime park)


15:30 Opening of the Multipurpose Room, located from the street access/parking area

- Technical talks
- Apertura Escape Room
- CTF Attack & Defending (initiation)
- interactive tables / Networking
- Beer / refreshments / Snacks  ;)
More than 15 Years of experience in the world of Cybersecurity, Sandra directs the Vulnerability Analysis and Cyber ​​Exercises Service at UNICC. Previously, She was a researcher in the Technology Area at the NATO Cyber ​​Defense and Cooperation Center of Excellence (CCDCOE) and part of the Joint Cyberspace Command since its creation with ISDEFE.

His area of ​​expertise is mainly pentesting., red teaming y exploiting, but, also and previously, forensic analysis, threat hunting and incident response. It should be noted that he is a regular participant and part of the organization as leader of the Red Team in various international Cyber ​​Exercises and has technically led the first MCCE Cyber ​​Exercise. Also, She is a regular speaker at international Cybersecurity conferences and a professor in the Red Team-Blue Team Master at the Autonomous University of Madrid..
Sandra is a Telecommunications Engineer and her postgraduate training includes the Official Master's Degree in Security of Information and Communication Technologies from the European University of Madrid. Also, has several certifications such as OSCE, GXPN y OSCP, CEH y CND, among other.

She has received the Aeronautical Merit Cross with a white badge and belongs to the #SomosMujeresTech group whose objective is the visibility of women in leadership positions within the world of technology and innovation sectors..
Chief Technology Officer at Securízame – Informatics Engineer – Collegiate CPIIR 260-0051M
CTF Attack Defense > D initiation. Andrey Gain (HACKERDOME) & Milan Gabor (MEN)  | Demonstrative workshop where you can participate in the first CTF Attack Defense in Spain.

The workshop will be focused on initiation, it is worth the experience alone in learning the modality.

The attendee that has had specific input from the CTF (Eventbrite) will enter to win prize money if they manage to qualify as #1.

Location: (Entrance outside the Auditorium Parking area)  MULTIPURPOSE ROOM

- IT/OT penetration testing
- Embedded software and industrial network and devices cybersecurity
- Secure software design, programming and reviewSpeaker @ GreHack 2020, DEFCON 29 (2021), Pass The SALT 2022
Member of APEP. Spanish Professional Privacy Association.
Member of ISACA Chapter Madrid.
Member of CCI Industrial Cybersecurity Center
Member of the Internet Society and the Alliance for an Affordable INTERNET (A4AI).
Member of the aeDPD Spanish Association of Data Protection Delegates
DPO in: the Canarian Council of Bar Associations; ICALPA Bar Association of Las Palmas; COIICO Official College of Industrial Engineers of the Eastern Canary Islands and COAAT Official College of Quantity Surveyors and Technical Architects of Gran Canaria.
Information security professional with more than 15 years of experience with a global vision of all the different areas covered by computer security.

For many, "hacker" old school reference

Computers engineer. VoIP and security enthusiast. #open source #talk #asterisk #voip #linux #hacking #security

All Hackron presentations are the best, but this presentation takes a job and a surprise that you should not miss it.

Hands-on tables mini workshops lasting approximately one hour, Reduced capacity to start in the following activities, we will announce the schedules in situ in the multipurpose room.

Mini Taller #1 (Reversing Initiation) > D. Jorge
Requesito:  own laptop (ideally linux)

Mini Taller #2 (Coming soon)